Anna & Alec’s story

It’s fair to say September 2012 was a bit of a game-changer for me and my partner, Mark. At the beginning of that month our first child, Alec, was born. By the end of the month he had been formally diagnosed with cerebral palsy, following a difficult birth and resuscitation, one brutal week in theContinue reading “Anna & Alec’s story”

Inclusion and happiness

Friends are underrated.  For my autistic son feeling included at school began with making friends. Some children need a little bit of support to do that for various reasons. It can be because they struggle with communication.  But communication is a two-way process and the best communication occurs when there is empathy on both sides,Continue reading “Inclusion and happiness”

Jordan’s story

Jordan is an advocate, a valued member of the workforce who often speaks at events and conferences in support of other learning disabled adults. He has gone from being supported to doing the supporting. He has shared his expertise and his schooling experiences with A24.  Primary School Jordan attended an average sized mainstream primary schoolContinue reading “Jordan’s story”

Spirit of Inclusion

Well, the long wait is almost over. Half of the doors on the Advent calendar are hanging open and – for my three-year-old, at least – the sound of reindeer hooves on rooftops can’t come quickly enough; while I am still trying to find my back-of-an-envelope calculations from last year that tell me how longContinue reading “Spirit of Inclusion”

Two Children, One School?

Both my children currently attend mainstream primary school where in theory they both access the same educational opportunities. My daughter is neurotypical with no additional support needs and my son is autistic and has benefitted from additional support. I value their equitable access to school, and I have worked with the school to ensure myContinue reading “Two Children, One School?”

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